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July 2017 Archives

Past asbestos exposure continues to take its toll

For many industrial workers in Ohio, exposure to asbestos occurred on a daily basis for decades, both before and, unfortunately, even after the hazards of the substance were known. Today, an alarming number of individuals continue to pay the price for this when they develop mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that results from asbestos exposure. While Ohio is a state with many asbestos-related deaths, its residents are sadly not alone in their plight.

Pharmaceutical litigation case over young girl's drug injuries

When it comes to prescription medication, most people are unable to tell the difference between one type of drug and another, and they shouldn't have to. That's the job of pharmacists, not the average Ohio resident. In another state, though, a CVS pharmacy allegedly made a medication error that has led to a pharmaceutical litigation case after a young girl suffered serious prescription drug injuries.

Some Ohio automobile accidents caused by driver inattention

Sometimes, car crashes occur due to events that might have been hard to avoid, such as poor weather or mechanical failure. Other times, though, automobile accidents are caused by something as simple and preventable as a driver failing to pay attention or follow traffic laws. Sadly, an incidence of negligence may come at a high price when these accidents all too often turn out to be fatal.

Toxic materials in school lunch allegedly sent girl to hospital

During a typical school day, most Ohio middle school students' thoughts are likely on their classwork or their social lives. One thing they are probably not thinking of is the chance that their school-provided lunch might contain toxic materials. In another state, however, this appears to be exactly what occurred.

In Ohio, texting likely to lead to automobile accidents

Most people know how dangerous texting while driving can be. In fact, distracted driving accounts for more automobile accidents than any other cause, including drunk driving. Sadly, that apparently didn't stop one young woman from doing so, and it came at a high cost.

Cancer from asbestos exposure nearly always fatal

Due to the historical prevalence of Ohio jobs in industries utilizing asbestos, residents of the state are, unfortunately, likely familiar with the illness known as mesothelioma. Some may be wondering, though, exactly what it is. The good news is that malignant mesothelioma is very rare; the bad news is that this type of cancer is very difficult to treat and still affects approximately 3,000 people every year.

When physicians ignore FDA warnings, drug injuries may result

Medications save lives every day, but they can also have side effects that are dangerous or even deadly. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for attempting to regulate prescriptions to help educate consumers in Ohio and across the nation of possible drug injuries and hazards by placing safety warnings on the medications and their accompanying literature. When these warnings are ignored, the results could be fatal.

Man files product liability suit after e-cig causes severe burns

Many Ohio residents are likely at least familiar with e-cigarettes; in fact, some may be vapers themselves. While manufacturers say the devices are intended to provide a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, there is little federal regulation so far. Unfortunately, this also means that there isn't much oversight into safety protocols surrounding the devices and their component parts, and some are finding this translates into hazardous occurrences that leave users injured, as is the complaint in a recently filed product liability suit.

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