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Automobile accidents may be riskier when more vehicles involved

Car crashes are upsetting and dangerous even when only one or two vehicles are involved. When automobile accidents involve multiple vehicles, though, the likelihood of serious injury increases, as does property damage. Such is the case in a recent Ohio accident that involved four vehicles and resulted in at least two people being hospitalized.

According to police reports, a 31-year-old was speeding in his silver car at 80 mph on Ohio State Route 169. When this car ran into a second car, the collision started a chain-reaction accident. At least three of the vehicles involved suffered heavy damage.

The crash also involved a van and a pick-up truck. Two of the women in the accident had to be removed from a car using the jaws of life. Initial accounts indicate that two people were transported to the hospital for treatment, though that number could have increased since. As of the most recent reports, it is unknown whether any charges have been filed against the speeding driver in connection to the incident.

Unconnected to any criminal proceedings, however, the injured individuals may choose to speak with a personal injury attorney regarding the possibility of suing for compensation for their injuries. In fact, any residents of Ohio who have suffered serious injuries in automobile accidents due to the fault or negligence of another driver have the same right to legal counsel. An experienced attorney can offer advice and guidance on pursing compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering, and can offer representation if an injured victim does decide to file a personal injury suit.

Source:, "2 sent to hospital after four-vehicle accident in Weathersfield", Stan Boney, Aug. 9, 2017

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