Lawsuit alleges wrongful death from decades of asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2017 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

As one of the nation’s largest producers of metal, rubber and plastics appliances and products, Ohio had a notoriously high use of asbestos throughout the factories and plants due to the manufacturing processes. Decades later this has translated into a disproportionately high number of deaths from mesothelioma and other types of cancer related to asbestos exposure. Sadly, Ohio is not alone in this tragic predicament.

In another state, a woman has recently filed an asbestos litigation suit, alleging that her husband’s death from lung cancer was caused by long-term repeated exposure to the hazardous substance. The plaintiff filed the complaint on behalf of her late husband. She claims that during his employment from 1963 to 2011, he was exposed to asbestos fibers due to certain products he worked with.

Allegedly, the man inhaled fibers from these products — all manufactured or sold by the defendants named in the lawsuit — and this, the suit claims, resulted in the development of his fatal lung cancer. The plaintiff asserts that the companies are responsible, alleging negligence on their part because they continued to use asbestos fibers in their products despite the availability of safer substitutes. Furthermore, the companies apparently failed to provide adequate instructions for working with the hazardous substance and did not give any warnings of the dangers of working with or around asbestos-containing products.

For the wrongful death of her husband due to the companies’ alleged negligence, the woman has requested a trial by jury. She is seeking damages in excess of $50,000. Residents of Ohio who have lost loved ones to cancer due to similar circumstances involving asbestos exposure may also benefit from legal counsel. An attorney with experience in asbestos litigation can help explain any legal options and, if necessary, offer knowledgeable representation for pursuing justice and compensation.

Source:, “Arvinmeritor Inc., A.W. Chesterton Co. named in asbestos lawsuit by Michigan woman“, Angelica Saylo Pilo, Aug. 3, 2017


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