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September 2017 Archives

Vehicle accidents involving trucks often fatal, like recent crash

At best, being involved in even a minor car crash is likely to ruin anyone's day. Few types of vehicle accidents, though, are as potentially catastrophic as those involving trucks. Just such a recent Ohio crash on U.S. Route 30 left one man dead.

Product liability case accuses Rust Oleum of hazardous materials

Every year, defective or dangerous products cause hundreds, if not thousands of injuries, not just in Ohio but across the U.S. Legally, manufacturers and sellers are required to ensure a product meets ordinary customer expectations; when a product contains hazardous materials and fails to warn consumers of that fact, product liability laws come into play and attempt to hold those companies responsible. In another state, a recently filed lawsuit is claiming just such an incident occurred.

Family awarded $13M for asbestos-related cancer death

Though the incident did not occur in Ohio, a recent wrongful death lawsuit highlights the ongoing tragedies that asbestos leaves in its wake. A grieving family was awarded a $13 million judgement after the death of their loved one from cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The man was apparently exposed to asbestos because of a sugar refinery owned by Hillshire Brands Company.

Asbestos not only toxic materials that can lead to cancer

While asbestos exposure is a common cause of cancer in Ohio, it's sadly not the only one. There are other toxic materials that can lead to the development of serious or even fatal illnesses. In another state, a former railroad conductor and brakeman has filed a lawsuit alleging that his employers' negligence led to his development of kidney cancer through exposure to toxic substances.

Man seeks to hold ExxonMobil liable for asbestos exposure

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is usually fatal. As many residents of Ohio are, sadly, well-aware, it is an illness that often develops as a result of asbestos exposure. Asbestos, a naturally occurring carcinogenic substance, was heavily used in manufacturing plants all over the country before -- and, distressingly, sometimes even after -- its deadly nature was discovered.

Product liability complaint claims pain cream resulted in burns

Imagine purchasing and using an over-the-counter health product from an Ohio drug store or retailer, only to end up suffering injuries far worse even than the condition that initially led the individual to buy the product. This upsetting scenario is allegedly what occurred in another state, resulting in pain, damage and eventual partial amputation. The injured man has filed a product liability lawsuit against the company he alleges is responsible.

Vehicle accidents between cars and buggies may be more injurious

Car crashes range in severity according to a variety of factors, including speed and the sizes of the automobiles involved. Vehicle crashes can be even more devastating, however, when the vehicles involved are not evenly matched. A recent wreck in Ohio demonstrates how injurious such an accident can be.

Allegedly defective eclipse glasses spur product liability suit

When Ohio consumers purchase a product, most of them likely don't consider how it might injure them. This is especially true when the product is purchased from a trusted global retailer and used according to its intended purpose. In another state, however, a couple recently filed a product liability complaint against the online retailer alleging one of their products caused significant physical harm.

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