Allegedly defective eclipse glasses spur product liability suit

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2017 | Products Liability

When Ohio consumers purchase a product, most of them likely don’t consider how it might injure them. This is especially true when the product is purchased from a trusted global retailer and used according to its intended purpose. In another state, however, a couple recently filed a product liability complaint against the online retailer alleging one of their products caused significant physical harm.

According to the proposed lawsuit, sold defective eclipse glasses then sent out last-minute email recalls that many consumers – including the plaintiffs – claimed never to have received or not to have seen until it was too late. Per the complaint, the plaintiff purchased a three-pack of these eclipse glasses weeks before the event, as viewing an eclipse without proper eye protection can cause permanent eye damage. Approximately two days before the eclipse, the company supposedly attempted to recall the glasses.

The plaintiffs claim they did not receive the recall notice. They viewed the eclipse as planned, using the glasses they had purchased. Afterwards, the couple says they began suffering a variety of symptoms, including headaches and pain. Later, these symptoms increased to include vision impairment, blurriness, distorted vision, among a number of other impairments.

The recall email attempt so close to the date of the eclipse was deemed by the plaintiffs as insufficient; customers were not apprised of the glasses’ defective nature in a timely fashion. The plaintiff contends that the design and manufacturing of the glasses was defective and that the devices failed to perform in accordance with marketing materials and warranties, resulting in severe harm to users. The plaintiffs seek damages to cover the cost of medical monitoring for early detection of eye injury and disease that could result from the sun exposure they experienced due to the dangerous glasses, in addition to further damages. Ohio consumers have the same right to expect safety from the products they purchase; if they find themselves injured by such a product, individuals may benefit from the legal counsel of an Ohio attorney with experience in product liability.

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