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Product liability case accuses Rust Oleum of hazardous materials

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2017 | Products Liability

Every year, defective or dangerous products cause hundreds, if not thousands of injuries, not just in Ohio but across the U.S. Legally, manufacturers and sellers are required to ensure a product meets ordinary customer expectations; when a product contains hazardous materials and fails to warn consumers of that fact, product liability laws come into play and attempt to hold those companies responsible. In another state, a recently filed lawsuit is claiming just such an incident occurred.

A couple is suing several companies in a product liability suit alleging negligence. The defendants in the case are Rust Oleum Corporation, Rust-Oleum Sales Company Inc. and Menard Inc. They stand accused of manufacturing a dangerous product that caused severe respiratory problems in the plaintiff.

The complaint alleges that, in 2015, the plaintiff suffered serious respiratory injuries because of prolonged exposure to a paint and varnish product called StripFast Power Stripper. The product, manufactured and distributed by the defendants, allegedly contains methylene chloride. The lawsuit seeks to hold the defendants responsible for their alleged failure to warn of the health hazards from exposure to this toxic chemical supposedly present in their product.

The plaintiffs request judgements against the defendants in excess of $50,000. Ohio consumers would have the same right to seek legal guidance if they found themselves in a similar situation, injured due to toxic or hazardous materials in a product sold without adequate warning. In such cases, the guidance and support of an experienced product liability attorney could prove key to securing compensation for resultant illness or injuries.

Source: cookcountyrecord.com, “Rust Oleum Corporation, others accused of product liability“, Louie Torres, Sep. 20, 2017


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