Product liability complaint claims pain cream resulted in burns

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2017 | Products Liability

Imagine purchasing and using an over-the-counter health product from an Ohio drug store or retailer, only to end up suffering injuries far worse even than the condition that initially led the individual to buy the product. This upsetting scenario is allegedly what occurred in another state, resulting in pain, damage and eventual partial amputation. The injured man has filed a product liability lawsuit against the company he alleges is responsible.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff claims that an over-the-counter pain relieving cream he purchased resulted in severe burns to his feet. The diabetic individual purchased a pain relieving cream called Thera-Gesic. He alleges that he followed all packaging instructions when applying the cream to his feet.

Despite obeying usage directions, the main claims that the following day, he suffered severe burns on his feet. Additionally, pieces of one of his feet had to be amputated by doctors when treatments were unsuccessful in healing the burns. The complaint alleges negligence and strict product liability against the company who manufactured the cream, Mission Pharmacal Co.

The injured man seeks to hold the company legally responsible for its alleged negligence in placing an unsafe product for sale without providing adequate warnings of potential serious risks to diabetic customers. The plaintiff is asking monetary relief of over $1 million plus all legal costs and further relief as the court sees fit. For Ohio consumers who have similarly suffered injuries due to a dangerous or defective product, a seasoned product liability attorney can offer guidance and ongoing support.

Source:, “Diabetic man seeks more than $1 million after Thera-Gesic cream allegedly burned feet“, Philip Gonzales, Sept. 4, 2017


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