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Vehicle accidents between cars and buggies may be more injurious

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2017 | Car Accidents

Car crashes range in severity according to a variety of factors, including speed and the sizes of the automobiles involved. Vehicle crashes can be even more devastating, however, when the vehicles involved are not evenly matched. A recent wreck in Ohio demonstrates how injurious such an accident can be.

The crash was between a car and an Amish buggy and critically injured at least one person. Of the four individuals who were hurt, one was a 14-week-old infant. The crash occurred around 8 p.m. when the car struck the buggy from behind.

According to reports, one of the passengers in the buggy was a woman who was critically injured in the collision. She was flown by helicopter for treatment to Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center in Columbus for treatment. Both the baby and a man were taken to another area hospital initially, but were later flown to Nationwide Hospital in Columbus.

The accident remains under investigation, but officials do currently believe alcohol to have been a contributing factor in the collision. The driver, who was also taken to the hospital following the crash, may end up facing criminal charges if these suspicions that he was operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol prove founded. Regardless of any criminal proceedings, any evidence the investigation may turn up of his fault in causing the injurious accident could be used should the injured victims decide to pursue personal injury lawsuits. In fact, any residents of Ohio who suffer injuries in vehicle accidents due to another driver’s fault or negligence have the legal right to seek counsel and advice regarding compensation.

Source: cleveland.com, “Car crash with Amish buggy injures 4 people in Ohio“, Cliff Pinckard, Aug. 22, 2017


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