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Product liability suit alleges truck caught fire, injured man

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Products Liability

Legally, in Ohio and across the U.S., manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, retailers and others who make products available to consumers are responsible for any injuries those products cause. Though still unacceptable, sometimes the flaws in a product are minimal enough that they result in minor damages. When the injuries are severe, however, or even life-threatening, the support of a product liability attorney may be the best option for victims.

A recently filed product liability complaint alleges just such serious injuries. A couple in another state claims that the husband was burned while working on a bobtail truck. In addition to product liability, the lawsuit alleges negligence and other counts against the defendants, listed as Peterbilt Motors Co., Federal Tank Testing Inc., Arrow Tank and Engineering Co., and RegO Products.

The man was employed to perform work on the truck, which the defendants allegedly either built, inspected or sold, per the official complaint. Supposedly, as the plaintiff was working, the vehicle suddenly began leaking propane gas, then catching fire and burning him. The lawsuit alleges responsibility on the part of the defendants because not only was the truck unsafe for use by consumers, but several of its parts were defective as well.

The lawsuit is seeking a judgment in excess of $150,000 plus all legal fees and any further relief the court deems fit. Anyone in Ohio who has been similarly injured due to a defective or dangerous product may be wondering whether he or she has a valid claim against the manufacturers or suppliers of the product. In such cases, an attorney would have the legal knowledge to help evaluate all aspects of the case and provide guidance and support in seeking justice and compensation.

Source: pennrecord.com, “Man names Peterbilt Motors Co., others in suit over allegedly defective truck“, Louie Torres, Oct. 11, 2017


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