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Claim: Faulty respirators allowed exposure to hazardous materials

Imagine using a device intended to protect against toxic substances, only to later discover that the product failed in the very purpose for which it was specifically designed. This is precisely what a product liability lawsuit in another state alleges. A worker developed lung cancer because, the complaint claims, the respirator designed to protect him from work-related hazardous materials failed.

While it did not occur in Ohio, the details of the case may sound like one that could occur anywhere. A man filed a civil complaint naming as defendants 3M Co and Mine Safety Appliances Co LLC. The former worker for Caterpillar Inc. alleges -- among other counts -- product liability, claiming that his employers provided him with faulty respirators on the job to protect against the dangers of inhaling silica dust.

The man was employed by Caterpillar for 30 years, until 1999, during which time he was exposed to the hazardous substance on a continual basis. The respirators made and distributed by the defendants were provided by his employers but allegedly failed to perform properly in their intended purpose, causing the man to develop an occupational lung disease as a result. As a consequence, the man suffered permanent injuries and has acquired a significant amount of medical debt to treat his condition.

The man's wife is also a plaintiff in the case, as she claims that she lost her husband's support as a result of the defendants' defective product. The case alleges responsibility on the part of the defendants because their product's defective condition made it dangerous for use. Unfortunately, residents of Ohio could all too easily find themselves in situations of a similar nature, injured by toxic or hazardous materials due to a faulty safety device; anyone who has suffered personally or whose loved ones were injured in comparable circumstances has the right to seek the counsel of an experienced product liability attorney and explore legal options for just compensation.

Source:, "Man alleges 3M Co., Mine Safety Appliances Co. respirators failed to protect him from silica dust", Noddy A. Fernandez, Nov. 7, 2017

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