NutriBullet involved in yet another product liability lawsuit

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2017 | Products Liability

Ohio consumers have the right to know of the potential risk they may be facing when using the Nutribullet Pro blender system, an allegedly dangerous household device. According to complaints in a recent product liability lawsuit, a total of 22 customers to date have come forward, claiming to have suffered severe injuries as a result of using the product. Alleged victims of the blender seek to hold legally responsible the device’s manufacturer and distributer, Homeland Housewares.

According to claims, the NutriBullet’s high-powered motor may cause its blades to spin so quickly that the product explodes. Indeed, many users have reported explosions occurring after a mere 15 seconds of use. Injured victims have claimed nerve damage, cuts and even second-degree burns.

This is not the first incident, either, of the company facing legal allegations regarding the safety of its product. A suit settled in early 2017 resulted in warnings being added to the product’s manuals after a NutriBullet allegedly exploded while a user was attempting to make a hot mango sauce. The previous year, the company had also been involved in a lawsuit after the blender allegedly caused injury and property damage.

This most recent lawsuit seeks to hold the makers of the unsafe product accountable for design and manufacturing defects that carry the potential to cause severe injuries. Product liability laws are clear on the stipulations for requiring distributors and manufacturers to include consumer warnings regarding their products’ hidden dangers. Cleveland residents who have suffered serious injury due to a NutriBullet or any other defective or dangerous device do not have to suffer in silence. An Ohio attorney can offer invaluable advice on consumer rights and can provide ongoing legal support if necessary.

Source:, “NutriBullet Sued After People Claim Blenders Exploded And Injured Them“, Dory Jackson, Nov. 15, 2017


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