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December 2017 Archives

Where should out-of-state drivers file personal injury lawsuits?

A car crash occurred in Ohio the day after Christmas, severely injuring all three individuals involved. A serious automobile accident is enough to ruin anyone's holiday, but further complicating matters -- should the injured victims choose to pursue a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver -- is the fact that all parties involved were from out of state. According to Ohio State Highway Patrol, the wreck occurred when a man -- believed to be under the influence of alcohol -- drove his vehicle across the center line on State Route 43, striking an SUV traveling in the opposite direction.

Construction company fined re asbestos exposure

In this day and age, it's difficult to imagine a company being careless when it comes to asbestos. Asbestos exposure has been proven to cause cancer and a variety of fatal illnesses, and because of this, the substance has been heavily regulated in Ohio and across the United States for decades. Despite this, in another state, a construction company stands accused of illegally disposing of asbestos, endangering both the public and the company's employees.

AstraZeneca named in pharmaceutical litigation case

Whether in Ohio or elsewhere, oven one instance of a fatal drug complication is too many, but 10? Recent pharmaceutical litigation filed in federal court involves an anti-psychotic medication still available by prescription. According to the complaint, when administered in combination with another medication, the resultant drug cocktail can prove deadly.

Target faces product liability suit after child horribly injured

Families in Ohio – and across the country – have every right to expect, even demand, that the items they purchase are free from hazards or obvious health risks. This is especially essential, though, in products designed for young children. A horrific example of this importance was recently illustrated in another state when a small boy was grievously injured, and his parents have filed a product liability lawsuit over the matter.

Preventable Ohio automobile accidents can be especially upsetting

A car accident due to inclement weather, faulty brakes or any of a number of other unforeseeable factors is distressing enough. It can be particularly upsetting, though, when automobile accidents are caused by another driver's carelessness or selfishness. For instance, speeding, drunk driving and texting behind the wheel are just a few examples of preventable factors that often lead to car accidents, which might otherwise have been avoidable.

Complaints of drug injuries from Xarelto continue to rise

Pharmaceutical liability lawsuits, much like medical malpractice cases, are difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, local attorneys in the Cleveland area with experience in pharmaceutical litigation can help Ohio victims who have suffered drug injuries from dangerous prescription medications and counsel could make all the difference. This knowledge could come in handy in light of recent developments in the ongoing series of lawsuits in various states involving the drug Xarelto.

Lawsuit alleges American Airline uniform contains toxic materials

When Ohio residents get dressed and ready for work every day, the last thing most are thinking about is whether their clothes are poisonous. As preposterous as that notion may sound, though, for thousands of American Airlines employees, the situation is all too real. Workers across the country have gotten sick allegedly due to the toxic materials contained in their work-required uniforms, and the latest incident involving a flight attendant appears to be no exception.

J&J accused in yet another product liability suit for pelvic mesh

Ohio residents have likely noticed that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson is in the news a lot lately. From carcinogenic talcum powder to a drug that causes uncontrollable internal bleeding, the product liability lawsuits just seem to keep coming. In another state, the most recent case to make it to court involved, not Xarelto or baby power, but pelvic mesh, and it is expected to be only the first of thousands of claims.

Lawsuit alleges CSX asbestos exposure led to fatal cancer

Many Ohioans are familiar with asbestos, the naturally-occurring carcinogenic substance historically used in the railroad industry. Although the health risks related to asbestos exposure were discovered by doctors nearly a century ago, companies in Ohio and across the nation continued to utilize the substance in manufacturing due to its inexpensive nature and flame-retardant properties. Even now, cases still come to light on an almost daily basis of workers who have developed cancer or other asbestos-related illnesses during their careers, when employers failed to advise or protect their employees.

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