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Target faces product liability suit after child horribly injured

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2017 | Products Liability

Families in Ohio – and across the country – have every right to expect, even demand, that the items they purchase are free from hazards or obvious health risks. This is especially essential, though, in products designed for young children. A horrific example of this importance was recently illustrated in another state when a small boy was grievously injured, and his parents have filed a product liability lawsuit over the matter.

The complaint surrounds an accident involving a Prince Lionheart brand potty trainer that left a 3-year-old horribly mangled. According to the lawsuit, the potty trainer almost severed the young child’s male organ after he became stuck to a section made of squishy polypropylene. The toddler was rushed to an emergency room to have the body part reattached by physicians after it was ripped almost all the way around. Physicians are unsure as to whether the boy will ever fully recover or be able to function normally, and they cannot comment on his long-term prognosis.

The potty trainer was purchased from the family’s local Target, and apparently, this is not the first incident of its kind. According to online product reviews, a number of parents have complained of serious issues after their children used the product, including terrible rashes and other incidents involving trauma to children’s genitals. Despite these obvious dangers to children, Target has neglected to recall the allegedly hazardous product.

The family of the mutilated toddler has filed a lawsuit against Target, seeking unspecified damages. The complaint accuses the company of product liability and negligence, as the device’s defective design caused personal injury. The lawsuit also alleges negligence and failure to warn parents of the dangers of the defective device or to recall the product. Parents with young children will want to familiarize themselves with the hazards presented by this device, and they may wish to consult an experienced Ohio attorney should their children suffer injury from this or any other defective product.

Source: pe.com, “Gruesome potty training accident almost dismembers toddler: Target sued“, Suzanne Hurt, Dec. 7, 2017


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