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January 2018 Archives

Drug injuries often serious when pharmacy errors occur

Most Ohio residents have no choice but to trust in the knowledge and professional competence of pharmacists when it comes to the prescription medications they need to keep them and their children healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes this trust is misplaced and pharmacy staff negligently fail to exercise the standard of care that every patient has the right to expect. When this occurs, drug injuries are often inevitable.

Two companies settle for $215,000 in asbestos exposure lawsuit

Ohio and other states have a number of stringent laws and regulations governing working with asbestos. While the specifics may vary from place to place, the stipulations exist to protect both workers and the public from the hazards associated with asbestos exposure. In another state, two defendants who allegedly failed to follow such protocols have settled in a lawsuit against them.

Woman alleges husband's cancer death caused by employers

Previous exposure to asbestos continues to wreak havoc on the lives of individuals in Ohio and across the country. Those who worked in metal factories or with high-heat machinery, in car part or textile manufacturing and materials processing plants and more all-too-frequently develop cancer or other asbestos-related illnesses, sometimes decades after exposure. For example, a widow has recently filed a lawsuit in another state, claiming that her late husband's recent death from lung cancer was caused by the asbestos he encountered throughout his career.

$6M settlement for families in toxic materials lawsuit

Whether in Ohio or any other state, employers are expected – and legally required – to take certain safety precautions when it comes to the well-being of their employees. Unfortunately, sometimes things as simple as laziness, miscommunication or human error mean that these regulations aren't followed, which results in people paying with their health or even their lives. In another state, a recently settled lawsuit appears to have involved a case of this nature, when two employees died from exposure to toxic materials at work.

Disobeying traffic laws can lead to fatal automobile accidents

Ohio traffic laws exist for a reason: to keep everyone on the roads safe. When a driver disobeys these laws, whether accidentally or through carelessness or selfish disregard, the risk of automobile accidents increases greatly, and sometimes, the resultant wrecks prove deadly. Just such a fatal collision occurred only recently on U.S. Route 62.

Families sue over highly toxic chemicals in school buildings

While it thankfully did not occur in Ohio, a recently filed lawsuit concerns a subject that is the worst nightmare of many parents, no matter where they live. Almost 40 families are suing their school district, their state and Monsanto, alleging exposure to highly toxic materials. Students, teachers and even parents have suffered numerous health problems as a result of the documented, hazardous contaminants present in the facility.

Macy's facing product liability lawsuit after jacket catches fire

Clothing manufacturers and retailers are expected to follow strict regulations when it comes to flammability. This is to ensure the safety of consumers in Ohio or across the nation who purchase their articles to wear. In another state, a woman has filed a product liability suit alleging that Macy's failed to do so. The lawsuit states that the company's defective manufacturing, negligence and inadequate warnings led to the woman's severe injuries due to burns she suffered while wearing a piece of the company's clothing.

Exposure to asbestos fibers causes woman to develop lung cancer

Asbestos was traditionally used throughout Ohio and elsewhere for decades because the inexpensive, naturally occurring substance's fire-resistant and insulating properties made it ideal to help increase strength without adding weight. However, it became apparent that exposure to the substance carried a host of health problems, including cancer, and many organizations moved to regulate asbestos and protect workers. Sometimes, though, companies were more interested in putting profits ahead of employee health.

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