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Exposure to asbestos fibers causes woman to develop lung cancer

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Asbestos was traditionally used throughout Ohio and elsewhere for decades because the inexpensive, naturally occurring substance’s fire-resistant and insulating properties made it ideal to help increase strength without adding weight. However, it became apparent that exposure to the substance carried a host of health problems, including cancer, and many organizations moved to regulate asbestos and protect workers. Sometimes, though, companies were more interested in putting profits ahead of employee health.

In another state, a couple has filed a lawsuit against a number of manufacturers, alleging the defendants’ negligence led to the woman’s asbestos-induced cancer. Only a few months ago, the woman was diagnosed with a lung disease related to asbestos exposure, and the lawsuit claims that her illness was wrongfully caused by the defendants. Certain-Teed Corp., Bechtel Corp. and Buffalo Air Handling have been named as defendants in the asbestos litigation.

Per the complaint, from 1972 to 2005, during the woman’s employment, she was at various times exposed to asbestos. She ingested or inhaled the carcinogenic fibers, which then caused her to develop her lung cancer, the complaint alleges. The fibers were contained in products that the defendants either manufactured, sold and distributed, or installed.

For this, the lawsuit seeks to hold Certain-Teed Corp., Bechtel Corp., Buffalo Air Handling and others responsible, as they are accused of intentionally including the hazardous material within their products despite the availability of adequate substitutes. Furthermore, the complaint alleges, these companies gave inadequate warnings on the dangers of asbestos exposure and failed to provide instructions regarding the safe handling of the carcinogenic substance. The couple is requesting damages in excess of $50,000. Anyone in Ohio who has similarly developed cancer or any other asbestos-related illness due to the apparent negligence of others may wish to explore their own options for just compensation by consulting with an experienced attorney in the Cleveland area.

Source: madisonrecord.com, “Tennessee woman alleges asbestos exposure caused lung cancer“, Lhalie Castillo, Dec. 19, 2017


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