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Another lawsuit alleges asbestos exposure caused by J&J talc

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Ohio has a history rich in manufacturing and production, and often, this unfortunately translates into workers developing mesothelioma after they were exposed to asbestos over the course of their careers. Sadly, this is far from the only means of asbestos exposure, though, as companies also negligently included the hazardous carcinogenic substance in their products. In another state, a lawsuit has begun over allegations that talcum-based products like Johnson & Johnson baby powder negligently contained the dangerous material.

Mesothelioma is a fatal lung cancer caused by asbestos inhalation. This most recent lawsuit was filed by a 46-year-old man after claims that he developed the condition after decades of using J&J’s products. The lawsuit alleges that both the company and its talc supplier knew of the hazards presented by including the carcinogenic ingredient in their products but failed to warn consumers.

It is alleged that the defendants made numerous attempts during the 1970s to remove the asbestos from their talc products but were repeatedly unsuccessful. This shows, the complaint argues, that the companies were aware not only of the existence of the asbestos but of the risks it posed; otherwise, they would not have tried so hard to remove it. The defendants have attempted to deny the accusations and argue that the plaintiff was exposed to the carcinogenic substance elsewhere, but purportedly, they have yet to provide solid evidence.

Reports and testing apparently indicate that the type of asbestos found in the man’s tissue samples are identical to those present in Johnson & Johnson products. This is not the only talcum powder asbestos litigation case of its kind, though it is the first to involve a male plaintiff, according to reports. Those in Ohio who have similarly developed mesothelioma or any other cancer related to asbestos exposure may wish to explore their options for just compensation with an attorney experienced in asbestos litigation. 

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