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Car accidents often result from failure to obey traffic signs

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Car Accidents

Many Ohio drivers find it necessary to remain on the defensive when behind the wheel. Even so, numerous car accidents continue to occur and result in serious and deadly injuries. Many of those accidents tend to occur at intersections in which one driver fails to obey traffic signs or signals despite the other party having the right of way.

For example, the Ohio State Patrol was recently called to the scene of a late morning accident at the intersection of Route 132 and Route 123. The driver on Route 132 was required to stop at the intersection, but failed to do so. That driver’s vehicle collided with the vehicle of the unsuspecting driver on Route 123.

The 74-year-old man behind the wheel of the vehicle on Route 123 suffered injuries in the crash that turned out to be fatal. The 71-year-old driver who ran the stop sign survived the crash, but did suffer serious injuries. His current condition was not known at last report. He could face criminal charges in connection with the crash, but that determination will not be made until after the conclusion of the investigation, which was still ongoing as of Feb. 14.

Even if no criminal charges are filed, the surviving driver could still face a wrongful death claim from the surviving family members of the deceased victim. These types of cases can be challenging, and anyone could benefit from sitting down with an Ohio personal injury attorney to determine whether litigation would be the most viable option. If so, damages allowed under law in connection with car accidents could be sought.

Source: wcpo.com, “Driver, 74, killed when other car runs stop sign, patrol says“, Feb. 14, 2018


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