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Motor vehicle accidents a leading cause of death in childhood

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2018 | Car Accidents

There is little that affects a parent more grievously than the loss of a child. Tragically, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of childhood deaths. Take, for instance, a recent fatal accident in Ohio that claimed the life of one little boy and left another in critical condition.

The multi-vehicle crash occurred on a recent afternoon when a 29-year-old driver failed to come to a stop in westbound traffic on I-270. She collided with the car in front of her, which was then propelled into an additional vehicle. The chain reaction went on to involve a total of four vehicles in a domino effect of collisions.

One of the vehicles was carrying children as passengers in the rear. Two of them, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old — neither in car seats nor wearing seat belts — were ejected from the van. The elder boy was transported from the scene of the accident to a children’s hospital in critical condition. The younger boy was declared dead less than an hour later at the same hospital.

While police report that there are no indications, as yet, of drug or alcohol as factors in the tragic accident, that by no means negates the fact that another driver’s negligence or error most likely led to the death of a child. Any Ohio residents who have similarly lost a beloved family member or suffered serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents due to another’s fault may wish to discuss options for pursuing just compensation with a personal injury lawyer in the Cleveland area. While a successfully litigated lawsuit cannot, of course, restore a lost loved one to his or her bereaved family, it may at least offer some small measure of consolation to know that the responsible party was held accountable, and any damages awarded often go toward expenses like medical or funeral costs and the grieving family’s pain and suffering.

Source: nbc4i.com, “Four-year-old boy dead in four-car crash on I-270”, Jan. 29, 2018


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