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April 2018 Archives

Mesothelioma patients could participate in cancer device trials

Approximately 3,000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, and some may be here in Ohio. At present, no cure for this condition exists, but patients can undergo traditional cancer treatments in an attempt to prolong their lives. Even so, researchers, including medical device and pharmaceutical companies, are working to find new treatments that could further extend the lives of patients with mesothelioma.

Did weather contribute to deadly car accident?

Whether it is snow, sleet or rain, the weather can wreak havoc on Ohio's roadways. In many cases, it is because a driver fails to appropriately adjust his or her driving based on how the weather affects the road and traffic flow. Of course, even a diligent driver could lose control and end up in a car accident when the weather creates potentially dangerous travel.

Asbestos exposure: Company fined for bad practices

Both the federal government and state governments, including Ohio, require companies and individuals to follow strict rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with toxic chemicals and substances. This includes the removal, storing and disposal of substances such as asbestos. When a company fails to deal with this toxic mineral appropriately, it risks potential asbestos exposure to workers and anyone who comes into contact with it.

Product liability claim may be just one aspect of teen's death

An absolute tragedy developed here in Ohio recently. A teenager reaching for his tennis gear ended up getting crushed to death when the third-row seat tipped over and pinned him. This is bad enough, and could spawn a product liability claim, but the situation got worse when he attempted to get help.

Developers pay millions to avoid asbestos exposure in renovations

Like many other states, Ohio has numerous old buildings. Some of them may contain asbestos, and when developers want to renovate those old buildings, remediation may be necessary in order to avoid the potential for asbestos exposure by workers and others in the area. Remediation efforts can easily reach into the millions of dollars when done properly, but the safety of everyone involved must take precedence.

Guilty pleas help establish fault in civil car accident claims

Filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim here in Ohio often involves providing proof that another person's negligent or reckless actions led to the serious or fatal injuries suffered. Determining what constitutes the appropriate evidence in these cases may come from a variety of sources. For instance, if a driver pleads guilty to crimes associated with a car accident, that information may be used as evidence in a civil claim.

Did the building's owner know about possible asbestos exposure?

Older buildings here in Ohio and elsewhere may contain numerous potentially harmful chemicals and substances due to the fact that environmental protections that now restrict their use were not always in place. In many cases, those substances or chemicals are contained, that is, until disturbed by construction or damage. This is often especially true of asbestos, which was widely used in a number of building materials in the past. How can occupants and visitors to these buildings be sure they will not suffer from asbestos exposure? They have to rely on the buildings' owners to make sure they are safe, and that does not always necessarily happen.

Passengers are often helpless in prevening car accidents

It takes a great deal of trust for passengers to put their lives into the hands of drivers. Most Ohio residents hand over control of their lives to drivers every day, and many of them do not think twice about it. They rely on the drivers to do whatever they can to prevent car accidents, but not all drivers live up to the task and passengers often pay the price -- sometimes with their lives.

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