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Asbestos exposure: Company fined for bad practices

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Both the federal government and state governments, including Ohio, require companies and individuals to follow strict rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with toxic chemicals and substances. This includes the removal, storing and disposal of substances such as asbestos. When a company fails to deal with this toxic mineral appropriately, it risks potential asbestos exposure to workers and anyone who comes into contact with it.

In another state, an asbestos-abatement company failed to follow the rules and regulations set by the state in which it does business. An investigation in 2016 revealed that several of its facilities improperly stored asbestos materials, including air filters at one facility, waste debris at another and waste materials at yet another. One of the facilities was not even authorized to store the materials.

At one Massachusetts site where asbestos abatement was undergoing, officials found a trailer in which materials containing asbestos were not properly stored. The company’s failures could put workers and other innocent people at risk. The company agreed to rectify the violations, but it is possible that the damage had already been done to some. It could be some time before those exposed discover whether that exposure will result in illness.

Asbestos exposure remains a concern here in Ohio as well. Asbestos-abatement companies ought to be held to the highest standards since they are the last line of defense between the public and this toxic chemical. It is not unheard of for abatement activities to occur in one part of a structure while people continue to occupy and use the remainder of a building. Anyone who discovers they suffered from exposure due to the failings of someone else may be able to pursue restitution for any financial losses and other damages that occur.

Source: valleypatriot.com, “MassDEP Fines NASDI, LLC $140,910 for Asbestos, Hazardous Waste Management Violations in Lawrence, Elsewhere“, Accessed on April 15, 2018


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