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May 2018 Archives

Vehicle accidents happen too often in construction zones

Ohio residents who work in the road construction business understand that the work comes with risks. Outside of the usual hazards that most construction workers deal with, those who work on the state's roadways also face significant danger from the vehicles whizzing past them. The fact is that vehicle accidents involving road construction workers happen far too often.

Will product liability claims arise from tainted cleansing foam?

Most stories surrounding patients contracting bacterial infections in hospitals seem to stem from unsanitary conditions such as a nurse failing to wash his or her hands between patients or an orderly failing to thoroughly disinfect a room. Few Ohio residents would think that a no-rinse, cleansing foam used for bathing patients after surgery would be a source of bacterial infections. Unfortunately, one such product has already led to infections and potential product liability claims.

Passengers pay the price for driver error in vehicle accidents

When it comes to traveling, many Ohio residents place their trust and their lives in the hands of drivers. They expect to reach their destinations safely and without incident. Sadly, far too many passengers pay the price for drivers' mistakes in vehicle accidents.

What drivers should do to avoid motorcycle vs. car accidents

As the weather in Ohio warms up, more motorcycle riders may take to the roads. This means that drivers need to remain extra vigilant in order to ensure they do not cause motorcycle versus car accidents that could cause serious or fatal injuries to those on two wheels. Below are some tips for drivers that may prevent these accidents and provide reminders to motorcyclists as well.

Recalls of medical devices rose to an alarming number in 2018

Many people here in Ohio and across the country rely on technological marvels to continue living full and productive lives. Medical devices extend and enhance people's lives every day. Unfortunately, many of them also come with defects that cause more harm than good.

Pinnacle Foods may face product liability claims after recall

When Ohio residents go to the grocery store, they expect to make informed purchases. They may know that some products are not good for them, but at least they make their purchases knowing what should be in the products they buy. Sometimes, products contain contaminants unknown to consumers that cause serious illnesses. For example, Pinnacle Foods recently recalled one of its products due to contamination from toxins. The company could face product liability claims as a result.

Deadly car crash turns prom night into fright night

It is the time of year when high school kids here in Ohio and across the country begin looking forward to summer break. This also means that it is prom season for thousands of them. Recently, one high school prom was marred by a car crash that sent several students to the hospital -- one of whom never went home again.

Could asbestos exposure result from fires?

In addition to the flames, the smoke created by fires can present certain dangers. Smoke inhalation on its own can cause substantial damage to a victim, but when other chemicals or toxic substances mix with the smoke, the results could be devastating for his or her health. This includes asbestos exposure that could occur during a fire, depending on the location. Ohio has certain locations such as old buildings and rail yards where this toxic compound exists, and during a fire, it could become airborne and lead to adverse health consequences.

Disabled vehicles run the risk of being involved in car accidents

Whether a driver blows a tire, runs out of gas or sustains some other mechanical issue while driving on an Ohio highway, the experience can be harrowing. Trying to get the vehicle to a safe place may cause a driver a few seconds of anxiety. This may be because disabled vehicles run the risk of being involved in car accidents.

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