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Disabled vehicles run the risk of being involved in car accidents

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Car Accidents

Whether a driver blows a tire, runs out of gas or sustains some other mechanical issue while driving on an Ohio highway, the experience can be harrowing. Trying to get the vehicle to a safe place may cause a driver a few seconds of anxiety. This may be because disabled vehicles run the risk of being involved in car accidents.

For example, a man ran out of gas on Interstate 670. He called a friend who came to tow the disabled vehicle. As the two men resumed a trip along the road with the vehicle in tow, a third vehicle struck them. Everyone got out of his or her respective vehicles to survey the damage, and that is when disaster struck.

A fourth vehicle traveling the same highway slammed into the two men towing the vehicle. Both men suffered severe injuries that took their lives. The two occupants of the fourth vehicle also suffered injuries serious enough to warrant a trip to a hospital in the area. The extents of their injuries and current conditions were unknown at last report. At this time, it is unknown whether anyone will face criminal charges in connection with the crash.

In the meantime, two families must bury their loved ones. Ohio families who lose loved ones in car accidents may be able to file wrongful death claims against the party or parties believed responsible. Proving that negligence led to the deaths of their loved ones by presenting the appropriate evidence in court could result in a monetary judgment for the financial and nonfinancial losses sustained as a result.

Source: abc6onyourside.com, “Two men attending to disabled car struck and killed on I-670 near downtown Columbus”, April 25, 2018


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