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What drivers should do to avoid motorcycle vs. car accidents

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Car Accidents

As the weather in Ohio warms up, more motorcycle riders may take to the roads. This means that drivers need to remain extra vigilant in order to ensure they do not cause motorcycle versus car accidents that could cause serious or fatal injuries to those on two wheels. Below are some tips for drivers that may prevent these accidents and provide reminders to motorcyclists as well.

Because riders’ profiles are smaller, they more easily end up in drivers’ blind spots. This means that drivers need to take precautions and take the time to be sure that the way is clear before merging or changing lanes. A turn signal could save a life as well. If a driver intends to merge, change lanes, pass or turn, using a turn signal warns every driver on the road no matter what type of vehicle of his or her intentions. 

Many motorcycle accidents happen when a larger vehicle makes a left turn into the smaller vehicle’s path. Taking a few extra seconds to be sure the intersection is clear could mean the difference between a safe turn and tragedy. It may seem as though these tips are common sense and do not need to be reiterated, but considering the fact that 4,956 people died in accidents involving motorcycles in 2015 alone, they are worth mentioning again.

When it comes to motorcycle versus car accidents, crashes that would be minor if they involved two passenger vehicles could be devastating for the riders. Motorcycle riders who do suffer serious injuries — or families who lose loved ones — in crashes on Ohio’s roadways may be able to seek restitution for the financial losses they sustain due to another driver’s negligence. Whether a victim is reviewing a settlement offer or preparing for litigation, it may be beneficial to involve an experienced attorney in the process to protect that person’s legal rights and advocate on his or her behalf.

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