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June 2018 Archives

Did company put its employees at risk of asbestos exposure?

Most Ohio construction workers are aware that risks come with working on renovation or demolition projects. One of those risks is asbestos exposure since many buildings requiring demolition or renovation contain the toxic substance. If those materials are not handled correctly, workers could find themselves suffering from significant health problems at some point in the future.

Car accidents affect more than just the lives of those involved

One moment of distraction, one bad decision or one careless mistake can change the lives of many people. It could be several years before the full extent of the death of even one person is truly understood. Regardless of the causes of car accidents throughout the country, including those that take place here in Ohio, the consequences reach far beyond the lives of those involved.

Food and Drug Administration announces recall of Naloxone

It would be difficult for Ohio residents to read any online news without reading about the opioid crisis going on in the country. People are overdosing and suffering from addictions at an alarming rate. When a patient comes in who appears to be overdosing on opioids, medical personnel may use Narcan, the brand name of naloxone, which is as an antidote. However, right now, that could do more harm than good since the Food and Drug Administration recently announced a recall involving Narcan.

Left turns leave vehicles open to car accidents

One of the most vulnerable times while driving here in Ohio or anywhere else is when making left-hand turns. This requires turning drivers to maneuver through oncoming traffic and risk car accidents. Judging distances and timing are crucial for both the driver turning and the driver approaching the turning vehicle. If either driver makes a mistake, the results could be catastrophic.

Cities should protect their citizens from asbestos exposure

Whether here in Ohio or elsewhere, cities are tasked with protecting their citizens from all manner of dangers. This is done through numerous avenues such as providing emergency services, maintaining public roadways and not purposely exposing residents to toxic substances, if possible. That may be why one city in a state on the East Coast could find itself in trouble after firefighters say the city intentionally burned a building that led to potential asbestos exposure for them and residents in the area.

Alcohol continues to be a factor in pedestrian vs. car accidents

Anyone with a driver's license knows that operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol puts him or her and everyone else on the road at risk. This includes those in other vehicles, those on bicycles and those on foot. In alcohol-related pedestrian vs. car accidents, the odds are high that the person on foot will come out of the situation worse than the driver of the vehicle.

Funding the fight against the opioid epidemic

The law firm of Kelley & Ferraro, LLP, recently published a SlideShare describing the effect the opioid epidemic is having on communities and families. Learn how you can help to make those who are responsible for this crisis pay for the damage they have caused.

Asbestos exposure continues to be a risk to human health

Many people believed that the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act signed into law in 2016 would improve environmental conditions by shoring up the Toxic Substances Control Act. The TSCA left much to be desired when it came to protecting human health from risks such as asbestos exposure here in Ohio and elsewhere. It was hoped that the 2016 law would do more since it allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to permanently ban certain products such as asbestos from use in the country.

Impatience and distraction lead to numerous vehicle accidents

Stop signs provide more autonomy for drivers when it comes to deciding when to enter an intersection. Moving through Ohio's intersections that are not regulated by traffic lights puts more responsibility on drivers to pay attention and be patient. This often leaves little room for error and leads to vehicle accidents when a driver becomes impatient or fails to pay adequate attention to the flow of traffic.

Food and Drug Administration warns of salmonella danger

Numerous consumer products that find their way to consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere end up contaminated with bacteria such as listeria, E. coli and salmonella. Currently, the Food and Drug Administration is attempting to contain an outbreak of salmonella poisoning connected to Kratom and products containing Kratom. Back in March, the FDA began testing products containing Kratom and discovered the salmonella contamination.

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