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Asbestos exposure could happen to anyone

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Ohio residents who work in certain industries already know that they could end up contracting an illness from the substances and chemicals around them on the job. They and their employers take measures to ensure their safety. When it comes to asbestos exposure, this involves numerous steps and precautions that people who don’t work around this toxic substance would not know to take.

This includes people who live and work in Ohio communities. Schools, offices and businesses built during the time when asbestos-related products were widely used in construction materials could still cause people to suffer exposure without them even knowing it. People still receive diagnoses of mesothelioma from this type of unintended exposure.

In other cases, people who live with workers who spend at least some of their workdays around asbestos could also suffer exposure from asbestos. If workers fail to change their clothes or shower prior to returning home, they could end up exposing family members to this toxic substance. Following the proper protocol is crucial to avoid this eventuality, especially since those who regularly deal with the substance and the patients it ultimately makes ill consider no level of exposure to asbestos safe.

Whether an individual realizes it or not, he or she could have suffered asbestos exposure at home or at work. Children, teachers and business people may never have the chance to protect themselves from this naturally occurring, yet toxic, substance. The loved ones of workers who spend time around it could inadvertently become exposed and ultimately become ill. Should this happen, it may be useful to find out what rights and legal options an individual may have under the circumstances.


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