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September 2018 Archives

Illness from asbestos exposure remains an issue

The only predictable thing about life, other than death and taxes, is that it remains unpredictable. Asbestos exposure 30 or 40 years ago may not have meant much then, but now that you suffer from an illness related to the exposure to this toxic substance, you probably want some answers. This would ordinarily be the case, but if one or more co-workers never got sick, those questions may become more urgent.

Surviving a motorcycle accident could be life-altering

Many Ohio residents rely on two-wheeled rather than four-wheeled transportation in order to get around. If you belong in that group, you probably already know that riding a motorcycle puts your life at risk, but what about if you survive a crash? What kinds of repercussions to your life could a motorcycle accident cause?

Dangerous products continue to line store shelves

Can Ohio residents be sure that the goods they purchase are safe? Many people believe that they can trust the government and the companies who manufacture, distribute and sell the products they buy to make sure that what ends up on store shelves is safe. However, some sources wonder how dangerous products continue to make their way into consumers' homes when the Food and Drug Administration and the companies involved issued recalls months prior.

Witnesses can help reconstruct car accidents

In some crashes, investigators here in Ohio may not be able to adequately reconstruct them right away. Instead, they rely on a combination of science, physical evidence and witness statements in order to determine how certain car accidents happened. For this reason, law enforcement agencies may put out a public plea for anyone with information regarding a particular crash to contact them.

Car accidents can lead to more crashes due to stopped traffic

Some days, crashes on Ohio's roadways cause a snowball effect. When car accidents occur, traffic obviously needs to slow or stop in order to avoid colliding with the wreckage and emergency vehicles. As vehicles wait and/or get rerouted, it is imperative that all drivers coming upon the scene are paying attention in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle and causing another accident, but that does not always happen.

Product liability claims happen when consumers lose confidence

No one is perfect, and people are not the only ones who make mistakes. Companies make mistakes as well, and most consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere understand as long as the companies correct the problems quickly and without anyone being harmed. It is when consumers lose confidence in companies that product liability claims get filed.

The potential for asbestos exposure in natural disasters

Ohio may not see the hurricanes or wildfires as other parts of the country do, but that does not mean that some sort of natural disaster could not strike the state. If it does, the devastation and destruction could place first responders, construction workers and insurance adjusters, along with the public, in danger of exposure to any number of hazardous substances and chemicals. Disaster areas where older buildings sustain damage could put many people in danger of asbestos exposure.

Investigators may take some time to find causes for car accidents

The mechanics of a crash are often the easiest part of any investigation. Determining what factors contributed to the crash may take more time, and may be particularly elusive in some cases. Understanding the causes of car accidents often helps officials here in Ohio, and across the rest of the country, figure out what efforts they may employ in order to lower their number.

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