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Car accidents can lead to more crashes due to stopped traffic

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Car Accidents

Some days, crashes on Ohio’s roadways cause a snowball effect. When car accidents occur, traffic obviously needs to slow or stop in order to avoid colliding with the wreckage and emergency vehicles. As vehicles wait and/or get rerouted, it is imperative that all drivers coming upon the scene are paying attention in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle and causing another accident, but that does not always happen.

Recently, police responded to an accident on the U.S. 35 Bypass. As expected, traffic behind the crash came to a stop while the situation was sorted out. Further back down the road behind the accident, a semitrailer had come to a stop. A car occupied by three people failed to come to a stop. 

The car slammed into the back of the 18-wheeler. All three of the occupants of the car succumbed to injuries they suffered in the impact. A video report indicates that none of them wore a seat belt that day. At last report, the Ohio State Highway Patrol continues to investigate the crash. In the meantime, the families of the victims will have to wait for further information about why their loved ones lost their lives that day.

Once all of the facts are gathered, the families of the deceased passengers may exercise their rights to file wrongful death claims against the deceased 18-year-old driver’s estate and anyone else who may bear some legal liability for this crash. If a civil court rules that the driver’s negligence led to the deaths, then awards of damages may be made. Any restitution received could help with the inevitable financial losses that accompany fatal car accidents.


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