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Dangerous products continue to line store shelves

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Products Liability

Can Ohio residents be sure that the goods they purchase are safe? Many people believe that they can trust the government and the companies who manufacture, distribute and sell the products they buy to make sure that what ends up on store shelves is safe. However, some sources wonder how dangerous products continue to make their way into consumers’ homes when the Food and Drug Administration and the companies involved issued recalls months prior.

Take the recall by Kellogg Co. of its Honey Smacks cereal, for instance. Even after a recall was issued three months prior, potentially contaminated boxes of the product remain on store shelves. The cereal was part of a recall due to salmonella contamination, and people continue to report illnesses in connection with it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the cereal continues to present a danger to consumers. Now, people are asking why the FDA is not doing enough to get these types of products off the market and out of the hands of consumers. Reports indicate that approximately 130 people have suffered illnesses due to the tainted cereal across 36 states. Of those affected, reports indicate that 34 required hospitalization.

In the light of this information, Ohio residents may begin to question whether their pantries contain dangerous products, and it is a possibility. The avenue by which information regarding recalls reaches consumers is not efficient enough. This means that many people could end up suffering serious adverse health consequences from products they believed to be safe. Fortunately, the law does allow the victims of tainted and contaminated products a way to pursue restitution for the financial losses associated with injuries and illnesses caused by defective and dangerous products.


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