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Witnesses can help reconstruct car accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Car Accidents

In some crashes, investigators here in Ohio may not be able to adequately reconstruct them right away. Instead, they rely on a combination of science, physical evidence and witness statements in order to determine how certain car accidents happened. For this reason, law enforcement agencies may put out a public plea for anyone with information regarding a particular crash to contact them.

In a recent accident at an intersection, investigators are asking for anyone with information to come forward. They do know that one of the vehicles was heading south while the other headed east. The vehicles collided in the intersection. The impact shoved the eastbound vehicle into a utility box and pole.

When first responders arrived, they found several people trapped in the wreckage. Two of the victims were children. Emergency responders took one of the children from the scene via helicopter due to severe, life-threatening injuries. The other child succumbed to injuries suffered in the crash at the scene. All of the adults involved, two women in the vehicle with the children and the driver of the southbound vehicle, suffered less serious injuries.

At last report, police had not revealed which driver is believed to be at fault in this Ohio crash. When it comes to car accidents involving children, emotions tend to run higher and families want answers. The family or families of the two children may pursue monetary restitution in connection with this tragedy, and it will help to have sufficient evidence to indicate that one or more parties acted negligently, which led to the serious and fatal injuries suffered by the children.


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