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October 2018 Archives

Will instances of asbestos exposure increase in the near future?

It appears that many environmental regulations enacted in the last decade or so are being rolled back by the current administration. Some sources say that this will increase the amount of harmful pollution that ordinary people, such as residents here in Ohio, could be exposed to as a result. It was hoped that the instances of asbestos exposure were decreasing significantly, but that could change.

Mechanical issues, vehicle accidents and fatalities

There are few reasons motorists would stop on a highway, interstate or turnpike, and most of them are what they would consider emergencies. Mechanical issues probably top that list. The problem is that car trouble can lead to serious vehicle accidents, mostly due to the speeds at which the other traffic travels on these types of roadways. Impacts are more severe, which makes the people involved more vulnerable to severe or fatal injuries.

Food and Drug Administration failed to recall tainted supplements

Many Ohio residents turn to dietary supplements with the specific intention of avoiding pharmaceutical drugs. For whatever reason, they use what they believe to be more natural and healthier alternatives, believing they are doing what is best for their health. Sadly, this may not be the case since the Food and Drug Administration failed to recall dietary supplements with undisclosed pharmaceutical ingredients that could cause serious health repercussions for consumers.

Car accidents are often worse when 18-wheelers are involved

Many factors can influence the force of an impact. For instance, the size and weight of the vehicles plays a role, especially if one of the vehicles is much larger than the other. Car accidents tend to be worse when one vehicle is an 18-wheeler and the other is a passenger vehicle.

Is there ever a time when asbestos exposure is safe?

Perhaps the only time is when it is not airborne. The only asbestos exposure that may not be dangerous to the health of Ohio residents might be when it is not exposed. Otherwise, this potential killer silently waits to be exposed to air where it can be inhaled and ingested.

Vehicle accidents don't always involve motorized vehicles

Here in Ohio, pedestrians and bicycle riders could easily become the victims of a crash. However, other non-motorized vehicles could end up involved in vehicle accidents as well -- horse-drawn buggies. People may forget about the Amish population here in the state who also use the roadways and who need the attention of other drivers in order to avoid the worst happening.

Tainted products not fit for human or pet consumption

Medicinal products are supposed to make people everywhere, including here in Ohio, feel better. However, when manufacturing processes turn them into tainted products, people could suffer serious harm. The companies who manufacture these medications have a responsibility to warn potential victims and get them off the shelves by recalling them and announcing it to the public.

A lack of experience leads to many serious car accidents

Driving is not something that someone can master by reading a book or getting behind the wheel one time. It takes years to gain an appropriate understanding of how a vehicle operates, along with its tolerances, when driving. Without this requisite experience, many unnecessary and serious car accidents occur here in Ohio and elsewhere.

Is asbestos exposure a risk in low income housing?

People in lower tax brackets tend to struggle more in order to pay their bills -- even basic ones like rent. This often means that they may live in low-income housing here in Cleveland that allows them to pay a lower of amount of rent so they can get by. The question is whether living in low-income housing increases the risk of asbestos exposure for those residents.

Surveillance cameras play a cruicial role in vehicle accidents

Arrests are not always made at crash scenes. Whether vehicle accidents take place here in Cleveland or elsewhere in the state, further investigation may be required before that decision is made. Often, surveillance footage from cameras in the vicinity play a vital role in determining criminal fault and civil financial responsibility.

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