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Restitution in truck vs. car accidents may require some help

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Car Accidents

The last thing you expected to happen when you woke up that day was to end up in an Ohio hospital suffering from serious injuries. You got there because a large, heavy 18-wheeler slammed into your vehicle. Now that you are home and working on your recovery, you may wonder what you can do to obtain restitution for the financial losses already incurred and those you will incur in the future. You know that people before you have done the same after suffering injuries in truck vs. car accidents, but you may not know where to begin.

Before making any decisions regarding a legal course of action, you will first need to gain a better understanding of what happened. An investigation into the crash could reveal what factors led to it, such as driver fatigue, mechanical issues or an improperly secured load. In your accident, other factors could have contributed as well, such as speeding, a failure to yield or distraction.

Once you gain a better understanding of what happened, you may then determine your best course of action. By this time, the other party or parties’ insurance company may have contacted you and offered you a settlement or denied responsibility. Prior to taking any action in either case, it would probably benefit you greatly to discuss the matter with an Ohio attorney.

Truck vs. car accidents often lead to serious injuries that will take you a significant amount of time from which to recover. You will probably also incur substantial damages that any settlement offer will not cover. Protecting your rights may require more time, but it could result in you receiving a fairer amount of restitution than you would otherwise.


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