New report could lead to more asbestos litigation for J&J

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Asbestos Exposure & Claims

Johnson & Johnson has been in the news lately due to claims that its baby talcum powder causes cancer. The company has already spent time defending itself in asbestos litigation, but a recent report could cause a rise in the amount of time J&J will spend in court. The report indicates that the company knew for decades that its product, which is used here in Ohio and across the country, contained asbestos, but did nothing about it and even hid the fact.

Reuters conducted an examination of the company’s internal memorandums, along with other documents. It was determined that J&J knew about the presence of this toxic carcinogen in its products since somewhere around 1971. Even so, it failed to inform the public or regulators.

A number of people within the company such as lawyers, scientists and executives, among others, expressed concern regarding the fact that the raw talc used as an ingredient in the powder, along with the final product, contained asbestos. J&J fired back by saying that Reuters research ignored other reports stating the powder did not contain the toxic substance. The company also said that sources, including cancer victims and others, were out to distort the facts for financial gain.

The examination included some 11,700 documents the company was required to release during asbestos litigation regarding the product in question. The revelations from Reuters research could give more plaintiffs the courage to stand up against the industry giant, and some of them may be here in Ohio. If that is the case, it would be beneficial to enlist the aid and support of attorney with experience in this particular area of law.


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