Personal injury issues: Was the other driver too sleepy to drive?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Car Accidents

Most Ohio residents lose sleep periodically for a variety of reasons. Most of them would not even think twice about driving thereafter, even though it may be dangerous to do so. If a lack of sleep plays a significant role in an accident, it could be used in a personal injury claim to establish negligence on the part of the sleepy driver.

Research indicates that the average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep per night in order to be rested enough to drive safely. For every hour of lost sleep that reduces that number, the risk of causing an accident rises. Since many people tend to be chronically sleep deprived, it may be difficult to notice when it becomes a major issue.

Drivers who fail to remember the last few miles they drove, have trouble keeping their eyes open and drift in and out of their lane of travel probably need to pull over and take a rest. People may think they can force themselves to stay awake, but the human body is not designed that way. At some point, the brain will simply take over and shut down itself and the body. Sleep will come whether an individual is behind the wheel or in bed.

The problem is that far too many people ignore their bodies and do not get the rest they need. They get into their vehicles and cause accidents that end up causing serious injuries to unsuspecting and innocent people sharing the roads with them. When this happens, it may be possible for the victims in Ohio to pursue restitution for the financial losses incurred as a result of the crash through the filing of a personal injury claim.


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