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January 2019 Archives

Type 2 diabetes medication could lead to serious drug injuries

Many Ohio residents suffer from type 2 diabetes. If you are one of them, your doctor may prescribe a medication to help control your condition. The problem is that some medications, such as Actos, cause serious drug injuries. If you take this particular medication, you could suffer harm. This is not the only medication that could cause harm because it is unsafe, but it is one that everyone is aware of that can cause significant health issues.

Families sometimes lose children to automobile accidents

There is a saying that says that parents should never outlive their children. Those who experience such a loss surely agree. When those losses occur due to automobile accidents, parents here in Ohio and elsewhere have no time to prepare themselves for this possibility -- not that knowing it is coming makes it any easier.

Patients could end up with hazardous materials in their bodies

Advances in technology help people across the country and here in Ohio live better lives. Medical devices give people another chance at life that they would not otherwise have. When they work well, that is. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the devices implanted in patients' bodies may not have undergone testing in order to avoid hazardous materials from causing harm to them.

Children can be left without parents after car accidents

Most Ohio parents want nothing more than to watch their children grow into the people they hope they will become. Sadly, certain situations arise that could make that impossible. For example, some car accidents could not only rob parents of that right, but also rob the children of their parents.

Toxic materials could endanger the lives of welders

If you are a welder here in Ohio, you already know that your work comes with significant dangers. One of them occurs when you suffer exposure to toxic materials in welding rods. For example, some rods contain manganese, and the fumes created during the welding process could cause you significant harm.

The role of drivers' failure to yield in car accidents

As every driver in Ohio or elsewhere should know, certain rules apply to the movement of vehicles on roadways. When everyone obeys those rules, the flow of traffic gets everyone to their destinations safely. However, when a driver deviates from the rules either mistakenly or intentionally, it leads to car accidents. Each year, numerous people suffer injuries, and perhaps die, due to a driver's failure to yield the right of way, which is an important part of keeping everyone safe.

Could an MRI result in pharmaceutical litigation?

Back in 1977, the magnetic resonance imaging system came onto the medical scene. Since then, the MRI has helped revolutionize modern medicine since the images received show doctors more than X-rays and other imaging systems of the time. This machine helps to diagnose conditions such as stroke, brain tumors and more that could have gone undetected otherwise. With all of the benefits associated with this machine, the potential harm was largely ignored until May 2018. Now, an MRI could result in pharmaceutical litigation from patients here in Ohio and elsewhere.

Car accidents bring communities together for grieving families

One wrong decision or lapse in judgment behind the wheel can change the course of an Ohio family forever. Distracted, impaired and drowsy drivers may not mean to endanger the lives of everyone around them, but they do. Several serious or even deadly car accidents occur for these reasons. When they do, the deceased victims' communities tend to rally around the surviving family members.

Food and Drug Administration issues recalls for many reasons

Many Ohio residents take medications for either acute or chronic conditions. Occasionally, some of those medications become the subject of recalls issued or disseminated by the Food and Drug Administration. The question is how the drug that is subject to a particular recall presents a danger to particular consumers.

Automobile accidents are a real risk for postal workers

Postal workers here in Ohio and elsewhere who deliver mail spend a significant amount of their workdays in their vehicles. This increases their risk of being involved in automobile accidents. Many have suffered serious or deadly injuries over the years due to other drivers' mistakes.

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