Toxic materials could endanger the lives of welders

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Products Liability

If you are a welder here in Ohio, you already know that your work comes with significant dangers. One of them occurs when you suffer exposure to toxic materials in welding rods. For example, some rods contain manganese, and the fumes created during the welding process could cause you significant harm.

Some welders here in Ohio may not even realize that this danger exists. As they age, they begin to show symptoms that are easily mistaken for Parkinson’s disease. You could have problems with your balance or you may find that you need to move more slowly than you used to.

You could exhibit the tremors that typically identify with Parkinson’s disease, which could lead to an incorrect diagnosis. Other symptoms include psychological changes, memory loss and disturbances in your speech. Family members or friends in particular could notice that you lack facial expressions. All of these symptoms could be due to manganese poisoning.

It is crucial that you tell your doctor that you are a welder if you exhibit any of these symptoms in order to receive the correct diagnosis. Not only is this important for you from a health care standpoint, but also from a workers’ compensation standpoint. If you do suffer from manganese poisoning, you could receive benefits to help with your medical care, lost wages and other issues.

In addition, you may be able to file claims against manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of the welding rods that caused your illness. Exposure to toxic materials may not affect your health right away, which is why some people fail to make the connection between the two. However, as is seen with cases of exposure to other toxic substances such as asbestos, those responsible for your exposure can be held accountable even years after the initial harm was done.


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