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March 2019 Archives

Serious and fatal injuries result from truck vs. car accidents

Due to their massive size and weight, 18-wheelers increase the severity of impacts when involved in crashes. One mistake by a driver of one of these large and heavy vehicles could easily lead to tragedy. For this reason, it is not surprising that injuries suffered in car accidents involving trucks are often serious or fatal.

School children face asbestos exposure

One of the most terrifying things for Ohio parents may be to learn that their children are in danger at school. However, the danger is not always from a source one would expect. Parents of students attending one elementary school in another state were shocked to learn that their children may have been victims of asbestos exposure after recent construction breached asbestos plaster in the building.

Food and drug administration announces another drug recall

The last couple of years have been challenging ones for people here in Ohio and elsewhere who suffer from high blood pressure. Numerous medications for this condition are under recall, and the Food and Drug Administration recently announced yet another one. This recall comes from Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging, LLC. 

Getting to victims of car accidents isn't always easy

First responders here in Ohio and elsewhere have one of the most difficult jobs in the country. They arrive when people are probably having the worst day of their lives, and it is the job of firefighters, police and emergency medical personnel to do what they can to make it better. When it comes to car accidents, this often means getting people to the medical care they need. However, that could be a problem if they cannot get the victims out of their vehicles.

Company could face product liability claims after recalls

More and more people here in Ohio and elsewhere are trying to live healthier lives. As part of that quest, they may attempt to lose weight, which may involve making sure that their metabolisms are working properly and in balance. A company that used to sell a product to help with that endeavor recently closed its doors after recalls that could result in numerous product liability claims.

Prescription drugs lead to car accidents, too

Some of the medications prescribed to Ohio residents have side effects that could impair their ability to drive safely. Of course, just because a drug is prescribed by a doctor does not mean that car accidents cannot occur while taking them. It is even possible for drivers to face criminal charges such as OVI and worse if a collision occurs due to a driver taking a prescribed medication.

Toxic materials in AFFF could lead to significant health issues

What is AFFF or aqueous film forming foam? It is a synthetic fire suppressant foam created in the 1970s that contains toxic materials. If you work or worked as a member of the Armed Forces or as a fire fighter here in Ohio or elsewhere, you may have been exposed to AFFF and could experience significant health problems as a result.

Mutliple car accidents increase the chances of fatalities

When Ohio's roadways are busy, motor vehicle crashes could easily involve more than two vehicles. The traffic traveling with the vehicles involved may not have the opportunity to avoid becoming part of the wreckage. Under these circumstances, car accidents could easily lead to fatalities.

Don't believe that asbestos litigation is a thing of the past

State and federal government agencies are tasked with continuously monitoring environmental factors across all industries. Over the years, this has resulted in the prohibition of most uses of certain chemicals and substances such as asbestos in order to protect human life, the environment and ecosystems. For this reason, Ohio residents may believe, just as most everyone around the country does, that harm from those substances goes away. However, sources want everyone to know that issues such as asbestos litigation will not be going away anytime soon.

Car accidents don't discriminate when it comes to victims

Ohio adults assume a certain amount of risk voluntarily when they get into their vehicles, but children often have no choice. Their parents, guardians or those watching them for the day assume the risk on behalf of the children in their charge. The problem is that car accidents do not discriminate. Even the youngest passengers can suffer serious injuries or lose their lives due to circumstances out of their control.

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