Serious and fatal injuries result from truck vs. car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2019 | Car Accidents

Due to their massive size and weight, 18-wheelers increase the severity of impacts when involved in crashes. One mistake by a driver of one of these large and heavy vehicles could easily lead to tragedy. For this reason, it is not surprising that injuries suffered in car accidents involving trucks are often serious or fatal.

A police officer happened to be in traffic on a busy Ohio road when a tractor trailer plowed through a red light and into the stream of vehicles. Dash cam footage from the officer’s vehicle shows that the driver of the truck apparently did not attempt to apply the brakes before colliding with a sedan, causing a chain reaction with a minivan and an SUV. The truck proceeded across the median and rolled over. Reports indicate that one person died in the collision and four others suffered injuries.

Ohio police obtained a warrant to draw the blood of the truck driver to test for possible impairment. The warrant stated that another driver who had been following the truck contacted police to report the driver’s erratic behavior. While no charges have yet been filed, the critical injuries of one victim and the fatal injuries of another may affect the severity of the charges he faces.

Driving any vehicle requires care and attention. However, the operation of a vehicle the size and weight of a big rig demands extreme caution. Car accidents involving tractor trailers can lead to catastrophic injuries. The victims of these accidents and the families who lose loved ones have every right to pursue justice through the civil courts, especially when negligence contributes to their loss.


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