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April 2019 Archives

The EPA makes a move to reduce asbestos exposure

Even now, in 2019, people across the country, including here in Ohio, continue to suffer from illnesses such as mesothelioma, which is almost exclusively caused by a toxic substance that people have known causes conditions such as this for a long time. Asbestos exposure continues to occur each year, and the Environmental Protection Agency is now making a move to attempt to curb it for good. The question is whether it will work.

SlideShare offers guidance after a mesothelioma diagnosis

Our firm recently published a SlideShare that provides helpful information for mesothelioma victims and their families. Learn which industries exposed workers to deadly asbestos fibers. We will help you fight for compensation for your losses, compensation that can be used by your family in the future.

Car accidents can result in different types of TBI

Most people here in Ohio and elsewhere believe that traumatic brain injuries are basically varying degrees of concussions, but that is not quite accurate. Yes, some car accidents result in concussions, but victims could suffer from other types of TBI as well. Some of them could put their lives in jeopardy instead of simply causing a serious headache.

Coming to terms with the diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness

After working around asbestos for years, some Ohio residents hoped they would escape the repercussions. Sadly, far too many people still suffer from medical conditions related to this toxic substance. One illness that rarely comes with a good prognosis is mesothelioma. Coming to terms with such a diagnosis is not easy.

Emergency responders see all kinds of vehicle accidents

Experienced emergency responders would probably say they have seen it all. Even so, the devastation still gets to them, especially when fatalities are involved. While they handle the emergency portion of vehicle accidents, they do what they have to do in order to help the parties involved get through it, but once they have a chance to stop and think, the enormity of what they have seen can affect them.

Is the Food and Drug Administration's advice questionable?

Many consumers are aware of the fact that several medications containing valsartan, losartan and irbesartan were taken off the market through several recalls. According to the Food and Drug Administration, this is rapidly creating a shortage of blood pressure medications that do and do not potentially contain the carcinogen responsible for the recalls across the country, including here in Ohio. As a result, the agency recently gave what many would say is questionable advice -- take the tainted medications anyway.

Rollover automobile accidents often lead to hospitalization

Injuries can happen no matter what type of crash occurs on an Ohio roadway. Many automobile accidents depend on factors such as speed, impairment and more. Even so, some types of auto accidents lend themselves to causing more injuries than others. For instance, a rollover accident could lead to injuries requiring hospitalization more frequently than a minor fender bender.

The dangers of asbestos exposure were known for decades

There was a time when employers here in Ohio and across the country were not held to the same standards as they are today when it comes to keeping their workers safe. This is best illustrated by the fact that it appears numerous companies knew of the dangers of asbestos exposure for decades. Even so, they failed to protect those who worked for them.

Warmer weather could lead to more bicycle vs. car accidents

In warmer weather, people here in Ohio and elsewhere tend to get outside more. Adults and children alike may take out their bikes for a ride in the fresh, spring air. With the increase in bicyclists comes a potential increase in bicycle vs. car accidents.

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