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What patients should know about all these FDA drug recalls

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

In the last year, numerous medications have been recalled due to impurities, manufacturing and contamination. The most notable involve several blood pressure medications that the Food and Drug Administration says contain chemicals that could cause cancer. There is no hard estimate from the FDA or the manufacturers regarding when supplies will be replenished, but the bigger worry for many patients here in Ohio and elsewhere is what they need to know about all these recalls.

Patients should not stop taking their medications without first consulting with their doctors. This could put their lives at risk, perhaps more than the reason for the recall. The drugs and their efficacy are not why the recalls were issued. Instead, the concern is over manufacturing processes that cause the impurities and contamination found in them.

The first step involves determining whether a particular medication a patient is on is part of one of the numerous recalls. A doctor or pharmacist should be able to assist with this. Another thing that patients can do is monitor themselves for any potential side effects. While this may ultimately result in an unneeded trip to the doctor, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Ohio residents who suffer illnesses or injuries related to a drug recalled by the drug recalled by the FDA may have legal options. Manufacturers owe a duty to produce safe products, and when they fail, they could be held liable. It is a distinct possibility that the manufacturers of the blood pressure medications involved in the recalls could end up facing numerous lawsuits from individuals and their families before all is said and done.


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