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June 2019 Archives

FDA receives reports of yet another carcinogen in BP meds

Numerous patients here in Ohio and across the country are affected by recent recalls of blood pressure medications. So many drugs are recalled by the Food and Drug Administration that it is feared supplies of those not affected could run out before new, supposedly safer batches of the affected drugs are manufactured. Just when it looked like things were beginning to turn around, the FDA received a report of yet another carcinogen in these prescription medications.

Testing for impairment is part of most vehicle accidents

While investigating crashes, law enforcement agencies here in Ohio and elsewhere always look into the usual causes -- speeding, impairment and distraction are among the most common. The investigation into most vehicle accidents often cannot be concluded until tests for impairment are completed since it could affect whether criminal charges result from a particular accident. During this time, other potential factors are also taken into consideration in order to gain as clear a picture as possible of what happened.

Claire's makeup puts consumers at risk for asbestos exposure

Ohio residents with teenage girls may remember that this is not the first time the boutique store Claire's has been in the news because the Food and Drug Administration found something dangerous and toxic in one of its makeup products. Back in 2017, a concerned mother had her daughter's makeup tested, and it came back positive for asbestos. Recently, another of Claire's makeup products puts purchasers at risk of asbestos exposure.

More investigation into deadly car accident is needed

Law enforcement officials here in Ohio and elsewhere receive training in investigative techniques to help them identify the factors that caused the need for their intervention in people's lives. For instance, when it comes to a car accident, officers are trained to identify certain circumstances and factors that led to its cause. Even so, in some cases, the scene does not provide nearly enough information for an accurate assessment in the immediate aftermath of a crash.

A home's ceiling could put owners at risk of asbestos exposure

Many Ohio homebuyers believe that older homes were built to last and have a certain charm. That may be true, but older homes may also contain building materials that builders no longer use due to their toxic nature. For instance, "popcorn" or "cottage cheese" ceilings could put those who live in the home at risk for asbestos exposure, especially if they attempt to remove the materials on their own.

More than half of teen car accidents involve distracted driving

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that distracted driving injures approximately 1,000 people and kills about nine people each day in this country. Undoubtedly, some of those car accidents occur here in Ohio. The data also indicates that crashes involving teenagers involve distraction around 58% of the time. When combined with their inexperience behind the wheel, this makes them a dangerous group of drivers.

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