More investigation into deadly car accident is needed

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Car Accidents

Law enforcement officials here in Ohio and elsewhere receive training in investigative techniques to help them identify the factors that caused the need for their intervention in people’s lives. For instance, when it comes to a car accident, officers are trained to identify certain circumstances and factors that led to its cause. Even so, in some cases, the scene does not provide nearly enough information for an accurate assessment in the immediate aftermath of a crash.

More investigation is needed into a deadly accident that occurred in the early afternoon hours of June 7. At last report, all that was known is officers received a call shortly after 12:45 p.m. regarding a crash involving two vehicles. Upon their arrival, they discovered that a passenger in one vehicle and the driver of the other died at the scene due to the injuries they suffered in the impact.

The sole survivor was the driver of the vehicle also occupied by the passenger who was killed. Emergency responders transported him to a hospital in the area for treatment of unknown injuries. His recollection of the accident could be critical since police had not yet determined what caused the accident. However, they will not only rely on any statement made by that driver. Additional investigation will be necessary, possibly including a recreation of the accident based on the known facts.

This information could also come in handy for the surviving victim and the families of the deceased individuals when it comes to pursuing restitution for the damages sustained as a result of this car accident. Even though the ultimate determination of fault is often made by an Ohio court, the results of the police investigation could play an important role in establishing liability. That does not mean that an independent inquiry into the crash would not help provide evidence regarding negligence or recklessness in a civil claim.


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