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July 2019 Archives

What does shoulder pain have to do with asbestos exposure?

The wide array of symptoms that could allude to mesothelioma may never cease to amaze sufferers of the disease. Whether they suffered from asbestos exposure here in Ohio or elsewhere, many people watched their body for symptoms of this rare cancer for years, probably decades. They watched for symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain, but did not know that shoulder pain could also be a symptom.

Determining fault may not be easy in vehicle accidents

When police arrive at the scene of a crash, their first priority is to provide assistance to the individuals involved. Once that task is completed with the help of other first responders, they can turn their attention to the cause of the accident in order to make a determination of fault. Depending on the situation, this may not be an easy task in some vehicle accidents.

FDA announces OTC eye product recall

Walgreen's stores are everywhere. In addition to having a pharmacy, they sell numerous name brand and in-store brand over-the-counter medications that people here in Ohio and elsewhere purchase. The store brand often retails at a lower price, so many people purchase it in order to save some money, but these products could become the subject of a voluntary or Food and Drug Administration forced recall at any time just as name brand products sometimes are.

Car accidents often leave helpless passengers vulnerable

How many times have Ohio residents wanted to take over the driving while riding as passengers? Probably quite a few have felt that way at one time or another. Perhaps the drivers of those vehicles failed to have the appropriate command of the vehicles they drove. After all, that is often the source of a more than a few car accidents, and passengers have no control over the vehicle or the driver's actions.

Construction workers continue to be at risk for asbestos exposure

Would a construction worker readily recognize the presence of toxic materials at a work site? More than likely, the answer to that question would be in the negative since it is nearly impossible to know for sure without the proper testing. One of the largest risks to these workers when it comes to harmful substances is asbestos exposure, especially when working on some of Ohio's older buildings.

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