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FDA announces OTC eye product recall

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Walgreen’s stores are everywhere. In addition to having a pharmacy, they sell numerous name brand and in-store brand over-the-counter medications that people here in Ohio and elsewhere purchase. The store brand often retails at a lower price, so many people purchase it in order to save some money, but these products could become the subject of a voluntary or Food and Drug Administration forced recall at any time just as name brand products sometimes are.

Recently, Altaire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. voluntarily recalled numerous products it makes for Walgreen’s. The products in question are eye drops, ointments and lubricants. The problem is a sterility issue. According to the company’s management, concerns arose regarding the quality assurance controls the products go through.

Due to the wide variety of products involved in the recall, consumers may want to stop using any Walgreen’s brand eye products immediately until they know for sure whether they are included. Consumers can contact Altaire directly to find out whether their purchases are included in the recall, all of which the company distributed across the country in May 2019. Anyone experiencing any eye issues is urged to seek medical attention.

In addition to reporting any issues to a doctor, consumers are asked to contact the Food and Drug Administration. One other person that Ohio residents who suffer harm from these or other defective products may want to contact is an attorney. Depending on the extent and nature of the harm done, it may be possible to file a products liability claim seeking restitution for the financial and other losses caused by dangerous medications, even if not purchased through a prescription.


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