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August 2019 Archives

Product liability issues: Listeria can cause serious illness

It seems as though a different food ends up recalled every week. Some Ohio shoppers may wonder whether they can trust any products they purchase at this point while others consider the recalls more of a nuisance, but nothing more. One of the reasons why many food items end up taken off the shelves is due to contamination from Listeria, which can cause serious or fatal injuries in some segments of the population. In any case, more companies are issuing recalls in an abundance of caution in order to avoid product liability claims.

1 driver's error can spawn multiple car accidents

Depending on the time of day, Ohio's roadways can be full of vehicles. Even so, the news appears to be full of stories about car accidents that only involve one or two vehicles. Sometimes, a driver's mistake happens at a time when other drivers have no way to avoid a collision. What a driver might avoid or only involve two vehicles ends up a tragedy.

Dealing with the aftermath of bicycle vs. vehicle accidents

Every Ohio resident who travels the streets, highways and byways of the state is vulnerable to injury to a certain extent. Even so, the risk for some people is higher than others. For instance, those who travel by bike run a higher risk of suffering serious injuries in bicycle vs. vehicle accidents than those inside the cabin of a vehicle.

Your retirement was not supposed to include a rare form of cancer

After years of working and planning your retirement, you probably looked forward to your vision of those years becoming a reality. Then, decades after your work and your dreams began, you went to see your doctor here in Ohio with what you thought was a routine health concern and discovered it was much worse than you ever could have anticipated. Your doctor told you that you suffer from a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma.

Police suspect alcohol led to devastating car accident

In Ohio or anywhere else in the country, drinking and driving is unnecessarily dangerous. It's also illegal. Most people understand the dangers and take steps to avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking. Unfortunately, some still do it and risk causing a car accident that could leave other people seriously or fatally injured.

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