1 driver’s error can spawn multiple car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

Depending on the time of day, Ohio’s roadways can be full of vehicles. Even so, the news appears to be full of stories about car accidents that only involve one or two vehicles. Sometimes, a driver’s mistake happens at a time when other drivers have no way to avoid a collision. What a driver might avoid or only involve two vehicles ends up a tragedy.

It appears this happened in a crash on SR 125 that happened on a recent Saturday around noon. The 63-year-old driver of an eastbound vehicle veered into the westbound lane. It then struck two vehicles.

A 39-year-old woman drove the first, and the second driver was just 18 years old. The impact threw the younger driver’s already damaged vehicle into a third. After being struck by one vehicle and striking another, it was not surprising that the 18-year-old suffered serious injuries.

It appears that the only other person seriously injured was the wrong-way driver. Emergency responders transported both of them to a hospital in the area, and their current conditions are unknown. More than likely, it will take some time to recover from the injuries suffered.

During that time, the victim will undoubtedly incur financial losses resulting from the crash. As police determine the factors leading to the crash, the driver of the second vehicle struck by the wrong-way driver could use whatever evidence is gathered to prove negligence in a personal injury claim filed in an Ohio civil court. Successfully doing so could result in an award of damages to help with the financial recovery often needed after serious car accidents.


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