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September 2019 Archives

Could General Mills face product liability claims in flour recall

Consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere expect the food they buy to be free from anything that could cause them harm. Sadly, manufacturers recall far too many foods due to contamination with something that may result in an illness that could turn serious or even deadly. One of the latest food recalls comes from General Mills regarding 5-pound bags of flour. It is possible that the company could face product liability claims if anyone suffers harm as a result of ingesting the flour.

Head-on car accidents leave devastation in their wake

When two opposing forces collide, the results can be catastrophic. For instance, the devastation of head-on car accidents can leave families without loved ones and other victims facing a lengthy recovery, if a full recovery is even possible. Fortunately, it may be possible for the families and victims involved to receive restitution for their losses.

Do you use Roundup herbicide? Some countries banning glyphosate

If you use Roundup or similar herbicides that use glyphosate, you should be aware of the debate in recent years. Studies showing a link between glyphosate and the cancer non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma have caused concern for millions of farmers, landscapers and anyone who regularly uses herbicides.

Will your children be exposed to asbestos at their schools?

Any parent seeing their child off to school knows they might face some difficulties. Many mothers and fathers, however, would be shocked to learn that might mean being exposed to asbestos. Putnam County in Florida is just one of the latest school districts to face this disturbing reality.

You have legal rights after asbestos exposure leads to illness

Like other patients here in Ohio and elsewhere, your legal options are more than likely not your first thought after receiving a devastating diagnosis of mesothelioma. You may already know that this particular disease most often results from asbestos exposure. At some point during your life, more than likely at your job, you were around this toxic substance. It is possible that you could receive benefits and/or restitution due to your condition.

Children also become the victims of serious car accidents

Most Ohio parents do whatever they can to keep their children safe. When out and about, they make sure their children are properly restrained, which could mean a baby seat, a booster seat or a seat belt depending on age. Parents may drive more cautiously when their children are in the vehicle as well. Sadly, parents cannot control the actions of other drivers, and their children could end up suffering severe injuries in car accidents.

An FDA Class I recall means the potential for fatalities

When a recall is announced, people here in Ohio and elsewhere need to understand how dangerous the product in question is. The Food and Drug Administration developed a system to identify the severity of the problem. The most dangerous classification the FDA has is a Class I recall, which means the potential for fatalities is high.

Police may never know the whole story in motorcycle crash

Discovering the "how" of an accident is often easier than determining the "why." Whether it takes place here in Ohio or somewhere else, this can plague numerous investigations. The factors that led to a car or motorcycle crash could help determine liability and/or if the situation warrants criminal charges.

Food and Drug Administration drug recall classifications

As anyone in Ohio with high blood pressure has discovered in recent months, many of the prescription medications out there could cause substantial harm to those who take them. While the Food and Drug Administration can force a recall, the companies who make the medications issue most of the recalls voluntarily. What the FDA does is provide information to the public.

Failing to properly load a truck can lead to vehicle accidents

When considering how crashes involving truck drivers occur, many people automatically look to the driver's behavior behind the wheel. Driving any 18-wheeler requires skill and undivided attention, but the task becomes even more complex with an oversized load. Any mistake on the part of the drivers of these vehicles could cause preventable vehicle accidents here in Ohio or elsewhere.

Are Ohio children at risk for asbestos exposure?

Many of the schools throughout Ohio have been attended by generations of family members. This often spawns many trips down memory lane as older family members tell tales of their time in those schools to younger generations. What many of them may not realize, though, is that because of the age of those buildings, children could be at risk for asbestos exposure.

Not all motorcycle accidents are the fault of the other driver

Drivers in passenger and commercial vehicles are obligated to watch out for other vehicles, including smaller, more vulnerable ones. Like everywhere else, Ohio's roadways are traveled by motorcycles, the riders of which are exposed to greater danger than those in other motor vehicles. Most people know this and take extra care around them. However, as much as the drivers of passenger vehicles face scrutiny for their actions in motorcycle accidents, they are not always the cause of them.

Food and Drug Administration says micro-bacteria found in drug

Like others throughout the country, some Ohio residents suffer from migraines. They may get so bad that patients need medication in order to control them. However, like any other drug, it remains vulnerable to contamination that could lead to serious illnesses. The Food and Drug Administration recently announced one migraine medication might contain potentially dangerous micro-bacteria.

Numerous factors combine to end in tragic automobile accidents

Police officers here in Ohio and elsewhere who investigate numerous car crashes can often generally understand what happened just from surveying the scene. Ordinarily, a combination of factors results in automobile accidents instead of just one thing. For instance, a drunk driver may also drive in excess of the speed limit, or someone texting may also steer out of his or her lane. Finding which came first and how the factors combined to result in a crash can be challenging.

Products liability news: Dole announces recall of baby spinach

Many people are trying to eat healthier these days. When they go to the grocery store, they purchase fruits and vegetables they believe will help achieve that goal. Sadly, recalls of these otherwise nutritious foods happen far too often. One of the latest recalls from Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc., could lead to products liability claims from consumers here in Ohio and elsewhere.

Did school give adequate warnings about asbestos exposure?

Many old school buildings here in Ohio could use updates. If construction commences, the possibility of asbestos exposure could exist. For this reason, the school, the school district and construction companies need to proceed with care and issue warnings of possible exposure, especially if this toxic material is found in the building.

Another dangerous Ohio intersection claims 2 lives

Some Ohio intersections are easy to navigate while others make drivers feel as though they risk their lives every time they go through them. Those who know where these intersections are may take a bit of extra time in order to be sure that no obvious dangers exist before entering them. The problem is that not every driver takes the time and care when entering a dangerous intersection, and other people often pay the price.

Food and Drug Administration asks for breast implant recall

Allergan Plc manufactures Biocell tissue expanders and breast implants. After reviewing the evidence, the Food and Drug Administration determined these products could cause significant harm to those who use them here in Ohio or elsewhere. Recently, the agency requested that the company recall these products here in the United States.

Truck drivers don't often die during car accidents

Many Ohio drivers may assume that due to the size and weight of 18-wheelers, truck drivers often enjoy more protection during crashes than those in smaller, passenger vehicles. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, everyone survives these car accidents, even though they may suffer injuries, except the driver of the semi-trailer involved.

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