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Another dangerous Ohio intersection claims 2 lives

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2019 | Car Accidents

Some Ohio intersections are easy to navigate while others make drivers feel as though they risk their lives every time they go through them. Those who know where these intersections are may take a bit of extra time in order to be sure that no obvious dangers exist before entering them. The problem is that not every driver takes the time and care when entering a dangerous intersection, and other people often pay the price.

For instance, the Ohio State Highway Patrol recently responded to an accident at an intersection apparently known for its dangers. On that Wednesday afternoon, a black vehicle pulled out into traffic without first making sure it was safe to do so. A red pickup truck already entering the intersection in the cross traffic was not able to avoid the collision that occurred.

The driver and passenger in the black vehicle both suffered fatal injuries in the crash. Troopers reported that the driver of that vehicle was at fault for the crash for failure to yield to traffic. Even so, the investigation had not yet concluded at last report. The red pickup truck driver luckily only suffered minor injuries.

Troopers took the opportunity to warn drivers about this dangerous Ohio intersection by saying that drivers need to make sure they have enough time to safely navigate it, though that does not help the victim who died. The deceased passenger put his or her life into the hands of the black car driver, and that trust proved misplaced. Now, his or her surviving family members may pursue their own justice through the filing of a wrongful death claim. The fact that the OSHP attributes the accident to the deceased driver may help prove negligence in any civil claim filed.


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