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Food and Drug Administration says micro-bacteria found in drug

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2019 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

Like others throughout the country, some Ohio residents suffer from migraines. They may get so bad that patients need medication in order to control them. However, like any other drug, it remains vulnerable to contamination that could lead to serious illnesses. The Food and Drug Administration recently announced one migraine medication might contain potentially dangerous micro-bacteria.

The medication is called RELPAX, and is manufactured and distributed across the country by Pfizer Inc. Health care providers, hospitals, wholesalers and retailers all received shipments of the tainted products in June and July. The pills subject to the recall are 40mg each and come in packages of six or 12 tablets. The expiration date is in Feb. 2020.

Ohio residents who take this medication are urged to contact their pharmacists or doctors to determine whether their medication is part of this recall. The bacteria in question may not cause serious harm to most people. However, those with diseases or compromised immune systems could end up severely ill. In some cases, an infection could develop that puts vulnerable patients’ lives in jeopardy. Those individuals may want to not only determine whether they have the affected pills, but also consult with their doctors regarding the risk.

Each year, the Food and Drug Administration oversees recalls of medications like this one. Each year, a number of people suffer serious harm before the medications come off the market. Families who lose loved ones and surviving victims may want to consult with an attorney experienced in pharmaceutical litigation to determine whether filing a claim seeking restitution would be appropriate.


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