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Head-on car accidents leave devastation in their wake

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Car Accidents

When two opposing forces collide, the results can be catastrophic. For instance, the devastation of head-on car accidents can leave families without loved ones and other victims facing a lengthy recovery, if a full recovery is even possible. Fortunately, it may be possible for the families and victims involved to receive restitution for their losses.

The family of a deceased passenger and another critically injured passenger may take advantage of Ohio’s civil court system to pursue restitution for the damages incurred in a recent head-on collision. It happened around 11 p.m. on a recent Friday night. One of the two original vehicles involved in the crash veered into the oncoming lane of travel and struck the other. Two other vehicles then crashed into the wreckage.

In addition to the deceased passenger and the critically injured passenger, two other people suffered minor injuries in the crash. As the investigation reveals which vehicle strayed over the center line, the injured passenger and the deceased passenger’s family may use those details as part of a personal injury or wrongful death claim, as applicable. Of course, it is possible that more than one person could bear financial responsibility as part of the claims.

In order to determine who the individuals are that caused or contributed to this crash, it would prove helpful to consult with an attorney who has helped other Ohio residents achieve some justice, closure and restitution as the result of car accidents, including ones like this. Many people hesitate to avail themselves of the civil justice system for a variety of reasons, but this avenue exists in order to help make people financially whole again after a loss. Nothing can bring back a loved one or heal injuries, but a civil claim could help with the financial losses associated with these types of tragedies.


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