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October 2019 Archives

Too many vehicle accidents happen during highway merging

Ohio drivers may agree that there is an art to merging onto the highway. You need to have the correct speed, an eye for spacing and the ability to enter the flow of traffic seamlessly. Unfortunately, too many vehicle accidents occur during highway merging because some drivers fail to do it correctly.

Using J&J Baby Powder may result in asbestos exposure

That statement may seem a bit late in the game to Ohio consumers considering the fact that Johnson & Johnson faces a multitude of lawsuits due to allegations that a toxic material in its baby powder causes cancer. The company has vehemently denied these allegations. However, those claims may receive some credence due to the fact that J&J recently announced the recall of some of its bottles of baby powder due to the potential for asbestos exposure by consumers.

Ohio company recalls beef product for hazardous materials

Kenosha Beef International is based here in Ohio. Recently, the company recalled one of its products due to the presence of hazardous materials. Somehow, metal shavings got into an undetermined amount of a seasoned beef product produced by the company, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. This is considered a Class I recall, which means consumption of the product could cause significant harm.

Speed often cited in fatal car accidents involving teens

Driving always looks easier when someone with experience does it. Point the vehicle in the right direction, press the gas pedal to go and the brake pedal to stop. Seems simple enough, but anyone with a driver's license knows it is not quite that easy. Many things can go wrong, and when inexperienced teenagers drive too fast, it could easily result in fatal car accidents.

A large number of car accidents happen late at night

Ohio's roadways look different after dark. When other factors such as weather, fatigue, distraction or drunkenness are added to the mix, the roads can be quite dangerous. For these reasons, numerous car accidents tend to happen during the overnight hours.

Could an older Ohio home cause asbestos exposure?

Ohio homeowners who want to renovate their homes may want to use caution. Older homes here in the state could present a danger to them that they may not be aware of until it's too late. There was a time when a toxic material played a significant role in the construction of homes, and disturbing those materials could lead to asbestos exposure.

Chain reaction vehicle accidents present an investigative problem

Investigators must follow the evidence wherever it might lead. When it comes to chain reaction vehicle accidents, finding the evidence necessary to determine what happened and when can present a challenge. Victims and the families of deceased victims may have to wait for some time before they know what happened and the party or parties that authorities believe is at fault.

FDA says an OTC heartburn medication could cause cancer

If you are like many other heartburn sufferers here in Ohio, you probably take an over the counter medication for relief. If your medication of choice happens to be Zantac, whose generic version is called Ranitidine, the Food and Drug Administration says you could end up with cancer. According to the FDA, this heartburn medication contains approximately 26,000 times the acceptable level of N-nitrosodimethylamine. 

Improper removal could lead to asbestos exposure

Many of the older buildings here in Ohio still contain toxic substances from materials used in their original construction. As long as they are not disturbed, those materials may not pose a danger to anyone, but during renovations or demolition of those structures, the chances of asbestos exposure means the careful removal of it in order to prevent it from doing harm to anyone. If not properly removed, asbestos could put numerous lives at risk.

Innocent people often pay the price in car accidents

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. The problem is when those mistakes happen when operating a vehicle that weighs anywhere from one to 40 tons. The sad reality is that innocent people could suffer serious or fatal injuries in car accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of someone else.

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